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Aug 2022
Dec 2021

My Favourite Books of 2021

These are my favourite books of the year. They are great stories, have meaningful lessons, or taught me something new about design. View post

Book Notes • Nov 2021

Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success

Ken Segall

May 2021

Look Where You Want To Go: Designing A Vision For The Future

Spring time. I’m stand­ing in a park­ing lot on a sat­ur­day morn­ing, sur­round­ed by strangers suit­ed up in bik­er gear, and motor­cy­cle hel­mets. We’re here because we want to learn how to ride a motor­cy­cle. The instruc­tor is stand­ing in front of us, guid­ing us through the next exer­cise we’ll do on the bikes. When you… View post

Book Notes • Jan 2021

10 Must Reads on Design Thinking

Harvard Business Review

Book Notes • Dec 2020

The Culture Code

Daniel Coyle

Designing a Wedding

Building a brand, and creating an end to end wedding experience.
Sep 2019 • Digital + Physical

Storefront Editor

From concept to production: Reimagining what it means to create an online store.
Oct 2016 • concept + Digital

Calculate Dates

A very tiny powerful date calculator
Jul 2015