About Rusty

Russell Baylis is a digital product designer with 8+ years experience working at Shopify, designing tools that merchants use to build their businesses.

I’ve always loved to create.

As a kid, I’d take textbooks and try and distill down the information into simpler concepts, and lay out the information in an easy to understand way.

I was introduced to digital design through Flash when I was 12. It always blew me away how everyone teaching the tutorials were kids. During my high school years I took any chance I could get to incorporate Flash animation into my projects.

I attended Carleton University’s Bachelor of Information Technology: Interactive Multimedia and Design program (what a mouthful). There I was properly introduced to HTML and CSS, and learned about how powerful it could really be.

During this time I learned how unique an opportunity we have when it comes to being creators — we don’t have to be a specialist of one tool, we can use the appropriate tool for whatever we are trying to accomplish.

Since University, I’ve worked at Shopify, in a number of roles. I am currently building tools for merchants to create the future of their business.

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